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Banda Accessories

One of the foremost Banda Accessories Manufacturers in Pakistan, DRH Export has been tremendously instrumental in providing top quality civil war uniforms for army personnel deployed in the field for protecting the lives of civilians in the nation. 

Further, the banda accessories are mainly classified into Caps, Religious Badges, and Shoulder Accessories. These accessories serve as a matter of pride for the army officials and they are used by the military, airforce, and defense personnel of the nation.

Further, apart from these accessories, we also are adept at providing other items like Machine Badges.

Now, these accessories have been manufactured using utmost precision and they have been designed by utilizing the experience of the professionals with their thorough clarity in thought and approach.

One of the Best Banda Accessories Suppliers and Exporters in Pakistan

We have a standout reputation in Pakistan and along with an amazing lineup of clients who are interested in purchasing the banda accessories at reasonable prices from us, we stand as one of the top names in the industry for supplying the best quality uniforms for defense personnel. 

Now, we have one of the most highly trained professionals who are well-equipped at their craft of making band accessories at reasonable prices. Further, the level of dedication of our professionals in designing these accessories is amazing as we give our best shot at delivering top class products at reasonable prices to the public.

A unique type of equipment or product supplied by DRH Export are the Masonic Items. These items are delivered at reasonable prices and they are often highly useful for the defense professionals of Pakistan.

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